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What is a Money Laundering Offence

Money laundering is defined as knowingly taking the proceeds of criminality, and transforming that "dirty" money into "clean" money by processing it through a legitimate means of money holding and earning, like a business investment, licensed casino, or lawyer's trust account. 

Why Fight a Money Laundering Charge

Money laundering is a serious offence which can lead to many years in jail if proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It may also trigger proceeds of crime charges, and the seizure of assets including businesses claimed to be the product of criminality. 

How to Fight a Money Laundering Charge

The burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt for money laundering charges rests squarely on the prosecution. The defence need not prove or disprove anything. So the mere fact that you handled property which turned out to have criminal origins makes you guilty of nothing, unless it can be shown that you :

  1. knew about the origins of the funds, and
  2. dealt with the property in the aim of ridding it of its proceeds of crime origins (meaning you didn't spend it on yourself, but gave it to someone else).