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Why Was I Charged with Domestic Violence?

It’s increasingly common that a call to police for assistance with a domestic dispute may unfortunately lead to both spouses being charged with criminal offences, including the one who called the police.

While certainly some allegations can be quite serious, others can be a minor a breaking a television remote that is claimed to be jointly owned. Seriously.

Aside from the shock of the charge, the absolute prohibition on contact between spouses imposed after a domestic violence charge can create logistical chaos in caring for children, paying household expenses, and generally dealing with domestic daily life.

What are the Possible Solutions to My Domestic Violence Charge?

Many charges of domestic violence can be resolved through a s. 810 Criminal Code “Peace Bond.” Here the person charged does not admit to anything, and the Crown stays or withdraws the charge, with the sole prohibition usually being no contact with the alleged victim during the next 12 months, unless that person consents in writing to contact.

More serious domestic charges are still sometimes be resolved by way of a conditional discharge, where an admission and finding of guilt is required, but no criminal conviction is entered and thus no criminal record is created. This may save your employment, and your ability to travel internationally (particularly to the United States).

Still other domestic chargers, either because of their seriousness or because the events never happened, may require proceeding to trial.

We’ll explain all your options to you in dealing with domestic violence charges, and assist you in choosing the option that will best get your life back on track.

We Can Help You Navigate the Complex Interactions of Criminal and Family Law & Procedure

We particularly understand the complex and nuanced interaction between the criminal law and family law, where family court proceedings to resolve issues of access to children, support and property might not even be possible to commence until a bail variation to an absolute prohibition on spousal contact is obtained from the criminal courts. And thereafter where criminal proceedings may sometimes take priority over family proceedings, but at other times the family law issues are of such urgency that they can’t wait until the criminal charges are solved.

The lawyers of the firm act as family law as well as criminal law barristers and solicitors - see You will not need to retain a separate law firm or lawyers to help you with any family transition that you might be experiencing in addition to criminal charges. We understand how stressful each of family or criminal court proceedings can be, and how the combination of simultaneous proceeding in criminal and family courts can be overwhelming. We take the burden off you, by coordinating both your criminal defence and family court strategies to maximize positive outcomes for you in both courts.

Why Hire the Firm to Defend You on Your Domestic Charges?

The firms’ Managing Lawyer Gordon S. Campbell has successfully conducted hundreds of criminal and quasi-criminal trial and appeals up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. He is author of The Investigator’s Legal Handbook serious of book used by police officers throughout Canada in the investigation of domestic violence offences. Based on that experience, the firm will firmly advocate for you towards maximizing your prospects of success on your domestic charges, be that through a negotiated outcome like a Peace Bond or Conditional Discharge, or taking your case to trial or up on appeal.