Ottawa Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer • Ontario Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer

Allegations of a sexual offence carry a huge societal stigma, ever increasing highly complex rules of trial evidence, and the risk of statutory stigmatization through both federal and provincial sexual offender registries in addition to significant mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment.

Sexual offence charges can be the most complex of any offences to defend because of the highly statutory rules of evidence incorporated into the Criminal Code which must be navigated to present crucial defence evidence within the strictures imposed by Parliament, the scientific evidence that must be considered, and the overall statutory scheme.

Why Retain the Firm to Defend you at Trial or on Appeal for Your Sexual Assault Charge?

The firm successfully defends clients against sexual offence allegations in trials at the Ontario Court of Justice and Ontario Superior Court of Justice throughout Ontario. The firm also advocates for clients in summary conviction and indictable sexual assault appeals of convictions to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Court of Appeal for Ontario. The firm’s Managing Lawyer Gordon S. Campbell is author of The Investigator’s Legal Handbook series of books used by police officers throughout Canada who conduct inquiries into sexual offences. The firm develops for each client a customized defence strategy based on obtaining truly complete disclosure of the prosecution’s case, negotiating fair resolutions with the Crown and courts, and tenaciously advocating for clients at trial and on appeal.